Suspect has been identified by forensic tests

Inquiry head inspector Tim Anderson told the press,stainless steel travel mug the main suspect has been identified and blue jeep Cherokee forensic tests.

Sir, a 67 - year - old, taiaroa head Angle Tokoroa, south Atiamuri road traction, stop-and-go signs, was shot and killed while running on March 19.

Piston inspector Anderson refused to tell the media, the vehicles are located in or revealed that the forensic examination results, but the police spokesman said earlier, it has not been found in the process of search property near rotorua on Thursday.

The motivation behind a possible crime are under exploration.

"We are very close to find a motive," Greeting Card Displays he said.

In earlier remarks, he said, the police have a suspect in his mind.

". We have a major suspect about the survey, we are also working to the possibility of him being protected or actively to help others, "he said.

[] piston inspector Anderson refused to reveal more about the identity of the criminal suspect.

, he said, 35 cases with personnel work, still need help from the public.

"Because we has reached a turning point in the investigation, it does not mean that we don't need from publicly available information. They always let us far away the key, their aid is still a they can still make a significant difference," he said.寫字樓設計