45 degree elevation

I foolishly lifted the 45 degree angle, staring at the deep blue sky, no impurities, fantasy that can reach out and touch the untrue Pretty renew 雅蘭.

I am a will in the blue sky, bathed in sunshine obsessed with upturned the 45 degree angle of the child. Please allow me at this moment also claim to be "children", I'm not sentimental, but not act loving, I really was a "child". A fantasy child, one can never be sure to distinguish children ideal fantasy. A how also do not understand the people of the world's children. They don't understand why I always love fantasized impossible, never empty place. As I have not read it somewhere between laughter and tears convoluted expression.
I often think of a man to meet with another adult. They face is the hands tightly holding each other's hands, and hard to shaking, his face still hung that I can never understand the ugly than cry smile.


I know there are then two adults. I stand alone in the lonely road, no expression at the two adults. They look like sticks in the fiery, warmly greeting recently two people life, his hands still doesn't forget to doom to pull each other's arm, as if not to break each other's arm cannot express inner fanaticism. But I do know two of them don't look so well Virtual Office Hong Kong.

When one man left, I still stand in situ did not leave. I heard that the adults in the adults to leave after the words, "how so unlucky, to meet him here, really!" Then swung himself just hard shake hands, like just touched the extremely dirty things, and then walk away. Just leave me also lonely standing there, and before that was a dead body in a long time no see affectionate righteousness handshake ask people whether they feel hot place, face.
Dumb as a wooden chicken like I remembered all the events just before, imagine Taishan originally still towering stand upright in the bright blue sky, adore. Don't know who is suddenly sneezed, Taishan suddenly collapsed. So suddenly, so down. That happened in a just, but I like across the centuries. My world is full of question marks and shock.

To don't understand and not suitable for my thinking, I have always been settle a matter by leaving it unsettled difficult questions. Because I know now that I was a child, perhaps later will understand. Maybe you'll understand, but I really don't want to know, I don't want this in nine days on tour, take one's ease to enjoy the pleasing scenery, suddenly a thunderbolt will I scored nine nether yuan, all the environment around is cold chilly. I can't stand it.

I imagined myself as a child will never grow up, just like Peter Pan. Forever only happy life, in that freedom, remain free, without any worry never village, always facing the 45 degree angle at the deep blue sky, no impurities.

However, I really do not want to like Peter. Because he is not sensible, always so naughty. I was a good child. I think so DR REBORN.

I love fantasy, fantasized all untrue but can warm the heart of.