That is revealed as the crooked

Verse 16 gives a hint of the blindness that has been before us and of the paths we are led along of which we were not aware. But surely we had some inkling of the things that are amiss. That is revealed as the crooked things we have gone after in our midst and that could be just about anything. How would we have known Laser Hair Removal?

Perhaps by reading these words there will be enlightenment. We should have known because it is spelled out here. Verse 17 describes the graven images and the molten images that are called gods. The world is full of such designs and they are not only in religions and things worshipped. Television is an image that has taken over the lives of many. Money, drugs, celebrity, even books and magazines are all in the mix.

Verse 22 shows God's despair as we are a people robbed and spoiled. We are all of them snared in holes and hid in prison houses. We have been used as prey without anyone coming to our aid. We have been spoiled without someone crying out to be restored DR REBORN.

In verse 24 we learn that this was all God's doing because we would not walk in the paths set before us. We chose to deviate from the facts and change things to our liking. So we suffering the fury of God's anger according to verse 15.

Now there is the Internet and God's voice can be heard by everyone in an instant. This is the miracle of modern times and it is there as Mount Zion, the highest mountain in the world. The woman who will speak on it is called the Daughter of Zion DR REBORN.