what is with unreasonable demands

Of course, I don't want to blame, we also hope that through this project to alleviate the teacher shortage situation. Also hope to be able to go to the countryside teachers more preferential policies. We can also meet your requirements in title two years ago. But this year the national policy change, not so much the index, so we had to adjust the plan, also taking into account all the factors. To all areas of countryside teachers based on scores plus six points. I think at that time, the score has many. The equivalent of a teacher in five years to obtain three county's outstanding title to add points. But I never thought, you do not do, think off. Do not put, not to do what the results DR REBORN.

To tell you the truth, I was a bit disappointed, or even some despair. Because I don't know, you really do not understand, or to the non rational as to what action, fish in troubled waters. I think, an equal environment, an additional six points are not and other classrooms to contend with, I don't know, what they have the ability and level. Besides, the country should not go. Don't say we perennial struggle are inferior in rural teachers? People in the office asked me what to do. I smiled and said, it's going to rain to married women, let it go. What is the title? The title is a skill scale the one facing students. If we do not know what is the reasonable demand, what is with unreasonable demands, then we can say what? Then what to do.

Work is not to seek money is guilty, and sad. But because the national policy change, feel unfair to us, they think others deliberately, to tell the truth, if Huang Shiren at one time is abhorrent, I see now some of us even Huang Shiren's quality does not have DR REBORN. To tell the truth, I also want to go to work, after all, our teacher is in response to a call.

Although I know, the people of the town and the country were not what is not the same. Although some of us feel good, into the city seems to feel that they are genuine goods at a fair price of the city. As I went to England he became a gentleman. In fact, to tell the truth, what are not, their life is to rely on their own to create, test the nightmare is what is not. So I gave up, because I feel that their efforts are not worth, who respected even some live in rural areas is still first-line teaching and educating teachers.

I do Yang Bailao now, I feel sympathy for Huang Shiren. Although now that the local tyrant is a kind of fashion, is popular and sometimes cannot save lives, also cannot let the life of a good life. So I want to go hard, willing to struggle. Maybe tomorrow I have no peace, but I know, no peace, time is always one minute past, the world always from today to tomorrow. New year's bell always sounded DR REBORN......