nourishing the light of life

A gentle, Geshan riser, graceful to meet.

Life, nourishing the light of life.

Little bit of light, through the noise, have no hesitation.

A certain period of one day at a time, lost in early spring at.

A primeval forest, touching four on warm.

Moonlight flower, warm the lives of two young, so dependent on nature.

Thus, a figure, eternal in my time window.

Fingertip perception, flowing in mind, as well as that of a tree red.

Touch a real, there is no end, and how?

The incomparable warmth, nourish dry heart.

Those gentle, around midnight alone, away with poverty.

Since the world, not what can be eternal, just enjoy the brilliant purples and reds.

Perhaps, the most sad is, back no what can render memory.

Whether you like it or not, the past still no regrets stands, warm untraceable, how will not pain?

We walked together with the time, a period of unexpectedly is the blank of life,

Perhaps, is a kind of extreme.

The greatest regret, is actually touch the spirit of the poor.

Love, there is only one reason, love, don't love, what are the reasons.

Figure stumble, walking shake, whether, behind all the wonderful are helpless?

Once the tears, watering.

The flower of life, still quietly bloom, incomparable light shine.

The vast land, always contains the ups and downs,

The bottom of my heart, but you know, that pure, only their own.

Still watch, watch the life of no regrets.

Always believe that, one day, there is always a person,

In your life, in your memory, the dip of the never fading beauty.

One certainty, does not cover the other a perfunctory,

Perhaps, the speech is always too pale, then used a dumb.

Number of missing, not a canoe?

Perhaps the clouds, occasional projection lake, layers of ripples, the joy is indifferent.

A person indifferent, touching another person's pain,

If you forget, wake up, I would always keep their eyes closed.

Not easy to love, not easy to hate,

Can't do time slave, do not let a heavy yoke of life.

The world, no matter what kind of feelings, as long as not to live up to the treasure ", is the delivery of perfect mind.

If love, just pass by, like a complete cold.

They are not destined to love,

Let the feelings come and go, looking back, there is no failed to live up to your own,

Smile tears flying innocence, washing the dust mind.

Some of the mind, always striking Muyu, sound old.

Perhaps, not the force, not to ask,

A stable residence, according to the light, see a tree enchanting,

Pay no heed to, time fade away.

No matter what state of mind, keep quiet ordinary,

Can still calm, smoke in the wind around beautiful, elegant life.

Qiao, also do not contend for spring, always, very quiet.

While washing as perspective with those life vicissitudes of life, touching the ways of the world,

With many twists and turns, always see Petals drop and waters flow. gentle.

Many beautiful, blooming in the tolerance and compassion in relief.

Learn Thanksgiving, learn to love and be loved,