but it was too late

The old to the threshold of the sample has no, she hasn't stepped in. Looked at the mother was busy in the small courtyard, she regretted. Home economic conditions is not wealthy, but also because of her rebellious, now home, already chamber, such as hanging qing.
She slowly across the door, staring at the busy mother, she cried, DR REBORN a few years down the youth, today for the first time see my mother seriously, even tears. She began to hate myself, shouldn't leave. She knew her mother in these years were to others to wash clothes and odd jobs to support themselves and raise cattle.
Secretly away at the edge of the threshold fell in tears on her cheeks, she would not born to break this layer of warm film, she is afraid of mother push her away, she's afraid of losing, fear of losing warmth, fear of losing.
Before she is addicted to the flashing lights, noisy lane is the place where she linger on. And this poor small mountain village, the shabby house, she would have don't want to mention. Last time she came home, was followed her so-called girlfriends come back. For this kind of dye the hair colors of girl, is the mother's first impression of disgust, my mother does not ask what, but expressionless with big POTS to boil up three men to lunch.
She should he who sees through the world of mortals, in retrospect, it listen to your mother, she had to go to school, do not go up with the joneses DR REBORN", has a stable job in the future, not to pursue the vigorous, unremarkable people live. But she didn't she stick to the Bohemian life, look back until black and blue, but it was too late.
She sobs, mother stop living, dusty hands repeatedly rubbed on the apron before the bosom, the sweat to eminence occurs again how messy bangs, with abnormal light tone ask: "you back again." See clearly, her mother smiled.
She dragged the body of some numbness, came to the mother, held out his hand to head crushed leaves her mother, and her hair to the ear, a mother's hand, to tread before wouldn't set foot in the room.
She has a cry. She saw a little table on two bowls, look back to lower his head half of mothers, see mother embarrassed smile, like a childlike red cheeks DR REBORN.